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Who I Am and What I Do

At an early age, I realized that there were two major subjects that were of importance to me.  One was that music was a living force within me that created a sense of great aliveness within, and the other was that I felt that I wanted to help people feel better.

The first manifested itself in me both vocally and instrumentally.  And to the point that after earning two music degrees, I taught music in the public schools for many years.   Now in sessions with my clients, I frequently use music as a vibration to help balance certain parts of their physical bodies for alignment.

 There is something so satisfying to help others, through clarity, and to see the change right before my eyes.  I feel as though I also am receiving an elevation in my energy as I assist others to achieve the same.   I see this
as a win-win situation for both of us.  And because my clients come from so many far-flung areas, it is a youthful dream come true.

 My insights, answers, suggestions and solutions come from a very close connection with my team of Spiritual Guides.  I really enjoy helping others recognize the spiritual blocks that were inadvertently passed on to them early in live, to see where they came from, then being able to release that confused energy, and return to their natural positive selves.

I also teach them about their own personal guide(s), and the major four spiritual means of communication that we all have for receiving information from them.  My work has allowed me to work with babies just a few months
old, to adults beyond their 100th birthday.  And including our wonderful military personnel.

I love this exciting path in life, whether it is reading auras, doing remote healing or the various sessions that come with helping others to fulfill their spiritual unfoldment.  Maybe we shall meet one day.