Image by Slava

Cheryilyn  Jones

Bob Rhodes is a true National Treasure.  His gifts are underutilized.  I say this because the value and benefit of what he has to offer are so multi-layered and expansive.  It’s hard to pinpoint the specific
benefits and rewards gained from them.  WOW.  What an amazing, clarifying, healing and expansive experience that left me with so much clarity and empowerment.  His formal training is so fascinating as well.  I really resonate with the explanation and philosophy he shared. The insights he gave me were priceless.  The intuitive information he shared was so validating as well.

I”ve been blessed to be a participant in his classes, as he imparted his wisdom, and all I can say…AMAZING.  Bob is clearly connected spiritually and his intuition is a true reflection of his pure heart, and intelligent soul.  His teachings were so resonant and helpful.

I had Bob share his gifts with very high-level, extremely successful colleagues that were in town from all over the world.  He was a huge hit.  So many accolades and acknowledgements came
to me from his sessions with them.

Thank you Bob.  I am forever appreciative of the gifts you have shared and given me.  I can’t recommend you highly enough